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Why Willink for Your Planning & Investment Advisor?

Clients in retirement, nearing retirement, or with years to go often require different skills and resources. Someone making significant demands upon their portfolio for income has different concerns than someone who is focused on accumulating assets for the years ahead. Someone in early retirement may be ready to enjoy life to the fullest, while they are still able. Years from now they may be more concerned about a quieter lifestyle, or leaving a legacy.

We understand these differences. And we have been among the first to develop resources and strategies to meet client needs at the various stages of their lives.

No two clients are the same. Your wealth alone isn’t what makes you different. It’s you. Your spouse. Your personality. Your health. Your ideas about money, family, work, recreation, avocation, a legacy.

What can you reliably expect from a pension, Social Security, and other sources? How much income will you will need from your savings and investments?

Are you the beneficiary of a trust? In line for an inheritance? Plan to work part time? Has the loss of a spouse, divorce, illness or a business set-back dramatically altered your financial outlook?

We have the experience to help you in the face of changing circumstances; in a variety of tax and inflation environments; and in bull or bear markets.

Our in house financial planning tools and those we use under license enable you to set goals, weigh priorities and record your progress. You can test alternative actions and quickly see likely outcomes–in the privacy of our conference rooms or securely online.

Ask, “What if…”. In almost the blink of an eye, we can show you.

Your investment portfolio at Willink Asset Management may incorporate stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, carefully selected insurance products and more. It is managed for you at what we believe are very competitive costs. Tax efficiency, risk management, and respectable rates of returns are what we aim for.

We have years of experience with an array of investments in many market environments; municipal bonds, stocks, index mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF), real estate partnerships, insurance annuities and more. We know a lot about what’s right and wrong with each of these. And what might or might not benefit you; whether you seek dividends, yield and safety for income–or growth opportunities in the U.S., Europe, or the Emerging Markets.

Client assets are held at nationally known custodians such as TD Ameritrade (TDA). FDIC or other insurance is provided for client protection. Clients enter into an agreement with the custodian(s) of their assets for the safety of assets and for certain record keeping duties. The agreement also authorizes custodians to accept our direction on your behalf for the investment management of your assets.

Willink Asset Management LLC holds itself to a fiduciary standard of care in serving our clients. That means, among other things, that we seek to avoid conflicts of interest, and to fully disclose to you when there may be a conflict. The firm does not accept compensation from insurance brokerages, securities firms or others, whether in the form of sales commissions, 12b-1s or revenue sharing.