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Our Fees

Playwright Oscar Wilde has widely been quoted as saying, “A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing”.

But in the financial services industry, where it is often difficult to determine costs, a dose of cynicism can help assure that you will receive sufficient value for what you will pay.

Willink Asset Management LLC charges fees for its financial planning advice and for the management of investment portfolios. It only accepts compensation from its clients. It does not accept sales commissions, 12b-1 revenue etc.  We are a fee only advisor.

The fee schedule for planning and investment management is found in our registration document the ADV Part II. This document is provided to all prospective clients prior to entering into an agreement and often prior to the initial meeting. Based upon the scope and complexity of services to be provided, the fees may be adjusted, subject to the maximums and minimums in the published schedule.

Prior to entering into a written agreement we will provide you with an illustration of all the fees and expenses you can expect to pay at our firm. They are designed to be competitive with the costs of service by other similar firms. We may also prepare an estimate of fees and expenses you paid in a previous relationship for the purpose of comparison.

Ongoing Investment Management & Financial Planning

The fee for ongoing investment management and financial planning is comprised of a minimum fee plus a declining percentage of assets schedule. Financial planning is regularly included, along with trade, reporting, and related services within a bundled (wrap) service agreement. Investment management services comprise the broad spectrum of duties provided by registered investment advisor firms, including but not limited to investment policy, research, due diligence, trading, etc.

Financial Planning & Consults

Fees for stand-alone or periodic financial planning and consulting services are based upon an estimate of the scope and complexity of the assigned tasks. Planning may take the form of an investment consult for assets held elsewhere (e.g., an employer held 401K), on a consulting basis at our firm’s primary custodians, a modular plan for a specific planning topic (e.g., pre-retirement planning), or a comprehensive financial plan.